Sunday, 15 June 2014

How we made a Bespoke base unit for porch in Sutton, Surrey
Last week, we started a small project, designing, supplying, fitting and painting a base unit in a porch.
The job was done for a previous customer, who lives in Sutton, Surrey. He came to Builderplus for help designing his big porch furniture. He needed hidden pipes and a gas meter. He also needed a space to store shoes. When we started the job, everything looked like this:

After fitting the base for the floor, and leveled it, we started fitting the base cupboard, the cupboard was already made in our workshop. The carpenter spent a few days making it, and the painter spent a few days to prime, undercoat and put one coat of white paint. Once we fitted all the boxes and the top with decorative molding, our job looked like this:

After this, all that was left was the job for the painter, as we had already put mastic all around, and filled all the little holes from the nails of the nail-gun. All adjustments for the doors have also been done. After the painter came and done some preparation to paint, and painted the final coat it looked like this:

The customer was very happy with the end result, and promised to leave a review. We hope he recommends us to his friends.

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